Every Artist or Musician Needs to Watch This

I did not expect this video to inspire me as much as it did. Perhaps it hit me at a time in my life when I’m excited about making music again. I formed a new band, started taking piano lessons, studying music theory, received a vintage 1984 Roland electric piano from my Uncle in-law, and […]

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Is Drawing Ability Important?

One of my favorite quotes is from Milton Glaser, he says: And people spend their entire life trying to learn how to draw. And then, after years and years of effort, they discover that they can successfully replicate what’s in front of them. It’s a kind of drawing that appears in all the art classes […]

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New York, 1940s, in colour

These color images from the 40’s are fascinating. It makes the time period feel like yesterday, infinitely more relatable than the black and white shots we always see. It doesn’t even look that much different than today does it? http://www.howtobearetronaut.com/2011/07/new-york-1940s-in-colour/

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EF – Live The Language – London

Love the look and feel of these videos as well as the cool typography overlayed on top. Commercial for EF International Language Centers. Directed by Gustav Johansson (gustavjohansson.com) D.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf (niklasjohansson.com) Typography: Albin Holmqvist (albinholmqvist.com) Music: Magnus Lidehäll (twitter.com/magnusthemagnus) Produced at Camp David (campdavidfilm.com) Client: EF International Language Centers Campaign site: ef.com/livethelanguage

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Designers Who Started Their Own Clothing Line

As I’m writing the “Designers Guide to the Apparel Industry” eBook that I plan to release soon, I started to take notice of WHO are the role models that inspired this book. Essentially, who are the designers who started freelancing and eventually started and now run a successful clothing line? As Steve Knerem’s “start a […]

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Neil Kellerhouse

: : KELLERHOUSE : : INC : : I want to be like Neil Kellerhouse.  Amazing design for the film industry.  They’ve done stuff for Criterion Collection and some of my favorite posters and DVD packaging ever!

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Movie Posters of the Year

Movie Posters of the Year Lots of great posters, I love Independencia, The House of the Devil, Art & Copy, Beeswax, Objectified, Dear Zachary, Moon, and Antichrist

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Crafting Subtle & Realistic User Interfaces — Flyosity: Mac & iPhone Interface Design

Crafting Subtle & Realistic User Interfaces — Flyosity: Mac & iPhone Interface Design It’s about time an article goes in depth on the subtleties of designing those pixel perfect UI designs.

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Mortal Kombat Armageddon Trailer

http://www.midway.com/assets/home/MKA_320.wmv “Mortal Kombat: Armageddon promises to be the most complete, intensely lethal, fighting experience ever!” – So says Midway. It looks like you can create your own fighters, but will Mortal Kombat ever be as good as it was on the Sega Genesis? read more | digg story

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Amazing Rainbow Photos

Click here to see some fantastic photos of a rainbow. I’ve never seen any that looked this good!

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