ILTHY Grand Opening Party

Last weekend I stopped by the new retail clothing shop of Glen Infante’s brand ILTHY in Cleveland.  He’s done an amazing job with his line, and I tell other brands who want to know how to start a clothing line or make theirs better to look his way.  Solid branding all around. I love how Glen […]

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Designers Who Started Their Own Clothing Line

As I’m writing the “Designers Guide to the Apparel Industry” eBook that I plan to release soon, I started to take notice of WHO are the role models that inspired this book. Essentially, who are the designers who started freelancing and eventually started and now run a successful clothing line? As Steve Knerem’s “start a […]

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How to Break into T-Shirt Design

I often get asked how to get started doing t-shirt design. This video might be more appropriate for those just getting started, but the advice applies to anyone trying to break into a niche. Edit: You can buy my book on the subject here

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Amazing Distressed T-Shirt Mockups in less than 3 Minutes

Here’s a quick demo of how you can take your artwork and seamlessly integrate it into our new distressed t-shirt templates using Adobe Photoshop. You can buy the templates for $34.99 at Go Media’s Arsenal: The distressed look is perfect for those faded, dyed, stained, or ripped up tees like Affliction, Monarchy, Obey, etc. […]

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Labor Force Shirts

Just added three new designs for the band Labor Force. Check it out! Good ole Working Class Punk Rock. They covered “Career Opportunities,” so they gotta be legit!

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New Unspoken Clothing Design

I added a new design for Unspoken Clothing on my portfolio. View the full design at

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