Birdy Nam Nam Rocks Chicago

This is a guest post by Jimmy Haylett (aka Capn Fabulous). Birdy Nam Nam the turntable quartet from France played at the Empty Bottle in Chicago last Sunday and showed some interesting skills. The Drift, an ambient / Jazz / electronic with a unique sound opened followed by Small Sails another ambient band with quite […]

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Angels and Airwaves song leak!

If you haven’t heard of Angels and Airwaves, you’ve been living under a rock since last summer. It’s Tom Delonge’s new project. Blink-182 broke up last year as you know (or should know) and this is his new “groundbreaking” and “monumental” new band. It’s been hyped to high heavens and there hasn’t been a song […]

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Trendy has a new CD

I just came back from the Trendy cd release show. It was pretty good. I recommend you give their music a listen. The CD is really good.

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Mr. Gnome Will Blow your Mind

Seriously, this guy/girl duo does some amazing stuff. It will blow your mind. Give them a listen:

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I Wish Found This Album Sooner

Strike Anywhere released this masterpiece in 2003 and I am finally getting my hands on it. I have never heard a song I did not like from this band. And every time I made it out to a CD store, they never had a copy of their record. I was at the store the other […]

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