Sons of Perdition

I watched Sons of Perdition today. A documentary about a bunch of teens who decided to get the hell out of their polygamous town and how they adjust. Fascinating that this is actually happening in America. 4/5 stars.  

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Documentary on the Indie Game Development Scene

This looks freaking awesome. I’m so excited for this. Indie Game: The Movie is a feature documentary about video games, their creators and the craft. The film follows the dramatic journeys of video game developers as they create and release their games to the world. The film tells the emotional story of friends Edmund McMillen […]

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JF on Capitalism: A Love Story

I was lucky enough to be part of the opening night festivities for the new Capitol Theatre in Cleveland. The newly renovated theater was a hotspot in Cleveland in the 20’s but it’s been empty for nearly 3 decades and it has finally been brought back to life.

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JF on Tyson

Last week, I watched the new documentary Tyson by James Toback. It felt more like a 60 minutes interview, than a documentary. But that’s ok because the subject is extremely interesting. Mike does a great job of opening up and coming across as a a nieve little kid in a grown up body. I admit, […]

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Harmony Korine Fans Dig “Brentumentary”

I’m a big fan of Harmony Korine as a filmmaker. I really like his style and how he handles his subject matter and characters in his films. And die hard fans of his work are stereotypically elite film snobs. Not all, but from what I’ve seen, fans of Harmony’s movies usually have good taste in […]

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Brentumentary Released!!!!

Brentumentary – A Day in the Life of Brent Simon Directed by Jeff Finley · 25 minutes · 2006 The Brentumentary is finally available for the public to see! Enjoy the flick. At 25 minutes, it’s enjoyable to watch all the way through and will give you an insight into the digital brain of Brent […]

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Brentumentary Compressed!

Yes! I was successful in compressing a full 25 minute video last night. I’ve contacted YouTube about being able to upload longer than 10 minutes and we’ll see if they oblige. Cross your fingers! But you should just be days away from taking a peek into the life of Brent Simon.

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Brentumentary Slightly Delayed

I can’t seem to get this video compressed the way I want it. I was able to render out the uncompressed version last night and I took it into work yesterday and successfully compressed it down to under 100 MB. But halfway through, some strange thing happens where the video size shrinks and you see […]

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Brentumentary Almost Finished

I have a rough cut done of the Brentumentary. It clocks in around 30 min in length. And I’m not sure if I should cut it down or not. I’ve been trying to compress the damn video for two days but my computer freezes during the compression. I’m using Sorenson Squeeze. If it wasn’t for […]

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Brentumentary Photos

Finally, the photos from the Brentumentary. It was a blast to shoot. Brent still has my hard drive with the footage on it, so I have to wait until I get it back from him so I can edit. It will be awesome. All the music will be Brent’s as well.

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