On the Map 2: Nov 9

On the Map series 2 premiere takes place Nov 9 at Go Media 4507 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102. NOTE: Doors open at 5pm, Screening takes place at 7pm. — http://onthemapcle.com Cleveland is ‘On the Map’ – Go Media Video series shines spotlight on innovative entrepreneurs and organizations. Find out why Cleveland is ‘On the […]

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Busy with Life, BRB

Here are some blurbs about what’s going on right now. Go Media’s going through a bit of a transition period. We had to let go of a few staff members and we’re feeling the pinch of this terrible economy. My partners and fellow designers have been really buckling down and we’re turning things around. If […]

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2006 Memories and Best of List

2006 was a great year. It had so many things happen that were not happening in 2005. Here’s a breakdown of some of the things. Joined the Go Media team. Worked one designs for Metallica, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, ICP, A Wilhelm Scream, and others. We hired Dave and Oliver. Had an office […]

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We Hired a New Designer

We finally hired a much needed new designer. His name is Dave Tevenal. He’s 22 and has some mad serious design skills. He’s originally from Texas, but moved to Cleveland out of passion for the arts. He’s a well rounded artist with skills all over the place.

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We’re Hiring Good Designers

Yes that’s right. My design firm Go Media is currently on the lookout for top-notch designers. Preferably ones skilled at making websites. Must know ins and outs of CSS and can build a website from scratch using correct code (or about as close as you can get). Not everyone is a perfect HTML or CSS […]

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Go Media and Strhess Tour 2006

We (Go Media) will be designing all the art for this years Strhess Tour. Should be awesome, so be on the look out. For now, we just threw up a placeholder site until we get all the details and art from Derek worked out. Visit the site.

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Free Posters Now Shipping!

We are finally shipping out our free poster! We had to bulk order mailing tubes and find a good wholesaler. So now we’re all set to go. So pick up one of these beautiful one of a kind full size posters. Click here for more information about the poster. edit: this giveaway is closed

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Crystal City Site Launched

I designed the new website for Crystal City Clothing. If you aren’t familiar, it’s the clothing line of Amy Carlson and Johnny Whitney (The Blood Brothers and Neon Blonde). They have some really creative designs are everything’s printed on American Apparel (sweat shop free and really comfy). I suggest you check it out and buy […]

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SXSW Recap

Whew I am finally back from a long week down in beautiful Austin, Texas. The weather there was perfect and I stepped off the plane into 25 degree Cleveland weather this morning. Brr. Overall the trip was great. We made lots of contacts, rid ourselves of about 700 posters, about 1000 flyers and another 1000 […]

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SXSW Photos

Here are some pics from our trip so far to SXSW in Austin Texas. It’s a beautiful city and things seem to be going very well for our first time experience here.

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