My Plans for 2010

Yay my first video blog!  View some of my plans for 2010.  Ask me questions so I can answer them!

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New Year’s Resolution

New Years resolution. Post more personal content, video blogs, and interact with my friends/followers more. Also, start a Tumblr too.

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I’m Starting an Art, Film, and Music Fest

Some of you may have heard that I’m planning a Fest. Yes more than an idea at this point, it’s actually happening. I’m finally going to tell everyone about it and describe why I’m doing it. What is this Fest all about? The name is Weapons of Mass Creation Fest (inspired by the WMC Art […]

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2008 Recap and Favs Lists!!!

Wow, 2008 was a hell of a year.  So much happened!  Here we go: Notable happenings from 2008: Got married to Kim Woll!  We’d been together since 2003 and tied the knot Sept. 27.  We planned the wedding for over a year and it was stressful.  But the Wedding went smoothly and was very memorable.  […]

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2006 Memories and Best of List

2006 was a great year. It had so many things happen that were not happening in 2005. Here’s a breakdown of some of the things. Joined the Go Media team. Worked one designs for Metallica, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, ICP, A Wilhelm Scream, and others. We hired Dave and Oliver. Had an office […]

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