If You Liked the Bittorrent Song…

Then you might like this video. This one is how the Mylkhead’s all got started. It’s worth the watch. For more of the music, check out myspace.com/boxomylk. Basically it’s a music video featuring lots of milk, dancing, and a cg bboy. Most people who are familiar with my work, know about this video. But for […]

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4 New Mylkhead Pins

Check out these new pins and 2 others over at http://www.indiemerchstore.com/gomedia/?c=25. Thanks to Brian at The Drama Line for making these buttons for me.

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Play the Assassin Website Launched

I finally finished the website for Play the Assassin Records. It took forever to finally get all the content up. The backend guy we were working with strung us along for months and I ended up having to populate the website with all it’s content manually. Which, had we known that in the beginning, it […]

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nfiltrate – the music news revolution

Chris Jennings and I are currently working on promoting our new project Nfiltrate. It’s a music news website that allows fans to be the journalists and make the news. Not some corporate staff. It’s actually quite cool. It’s a great way to promote you band, label, or music oriented company. And if you are just […]

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Twin Peaks Mylkhead Shirt

I got a request to make Mylkhead shirts inspired by other David Lynch films. This one is for Twin Peaks. If you remember the crazy character the “Man From Another Place.” This is him. This would be printed on a cranberry colored American Apparel shirt. Would anyone buy this?

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Erasermylk Shirt

I’ve been looking forever for a decent Eraserhead shirt. And they’re all over ebay. But they are all sort of bootleg versions from sellers I can’t trust. And plus, they aren’t American Apparel. They are all probably thick heavy cotton shirts that don’t fit. And I’d be taking a risk getting it off there. I […]

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New Posters Framed

I just put up some posters I got framed. Framing costs an arm and a leg. But since I am a rich bastard (hmm?) I went out and got stuff framed. Haha, nah I only spent about 50% of my entire live savings! But they look really cool! Buy these posters for yourself at mylkheadmerch.com

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Labor Force Shirts

Just added three new designs for the band Labor Force. Check it out! Good ole Working Class Punk Rock. They covered “Career Opportunities,” so they gotta be legit!

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Stuff Like This Intrigues Me

Stuff like this makes me curious to see what other forum users across the web are using my artwork as avatars. I found this by checking my referrers. The site is in Spanish, and the user has an avatar of the Minus the Bear poster I did. Who knew? The user posted this comment: Q […]

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Mylkhead + Go Media = Hi End Multimedia Bliss

I met up with the fine dudes at Go Media the other day for dinner at Max and Ermas. It was quite enjoyable. I’ve been conversing with the guys for about a year now with talks of joining forces someday. The two guys who run Go Media, Bill and Chris, are stand up guys who […]

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