Be Better than Yesterday

I heard this quote recently and it resonated with me. It fits with a lot of projects I have going on in my life but it fit with my workout/fitness aspirations the most. I want to be a really good bboy. I want to be physically fit. But looking in the mirror or seeing video […]

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Featured in Quint Magazine

Recently I did an interview with Quint Magazine, a online digital arts publication. Issue 12 is the music issue, so naturally I talk mostly about my music related design work. There are also some other rad artists in the issue too if you want to check it out. You can view it online or just flip […]

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2011 Updates to the Finley Home

My wife Kim posted about all the updates we’ve done to our home in 2011. If you’re a homeowner, it’s always interesting to see what others are doing. Check it out!

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Parachute Journalists – Heroes

It’s been a long time coming, but my band has put out a new song. Well, to most people’s it’s new. It’s called Heroes. It’s a very personal song to me. I wrote and composed this about 3-4 years ago after the singer of one of my favorite bands treated me like a complete asshole. […]

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ILTHY Grand Opening Party

Last weekend I stopped by the new retail clothing shop of Glen Infante’s brand ILTHY in Cleveland.  He’s done an amazing job with his line, and I tell other brands who want to know how to start a clothing line or make theirs better to look his way.  Solid branding all around. I love how Glen […]

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Junior Art Director meme

I thought these were spot on! Junior Art Director meme | quickmeme.

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Thread’s Not Dead Bookmarks printed

100% Handmade in the USA by Brandon Herbel of Make Believe studio. Only 100 printed. The first 25 attendees of my book launch party get one for free. They are also for sale at The Go Media store.

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New York, 1940s, in colour

These color images from the 40’s are fascinating. It makes the time period feel like yesterday, infinitely more relatable than the black and white shots we always see. It doesn’t even look that much different than today does it?

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Bad Racket Teaser

Adam Wagner (Go Media, Parachute Journalists) took this photo to hype/brand his lo-fi, indie recording studio called Bad Racket.  He’s just getting it started and has been telling me all about it.  Suggestion: bother him about it on twitter @adam_wagner if you want to know more. Update: He launched

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We Hired a New Designer

We finally hired a much needed new designer. His name is Dave Tevenal. He’s 22 and has some mad serious design skills. He’s originally from Texas, but moved to Cleveland out of passion for the arts. He’s a well rounded artist with skills all over the place.

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